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Oakdale Campground Rules and Regulations

Oakdale Campground reserves the right to terminate your site rental contract at any time for any reason deemed necessary.

(A)Harassment and Guest Behavior
Oakdale Campground is a family friendly camping experience and we strive for a sense of community amongst the staff, guests, and visitors.   Please respect your fellow campers and staff and treat them with kindness.

We will not tolerate any harassment or belligerence directed at or towards Oakdale Campground staff, guests, and visitors.   Reports of harassment will be dealt with immediately and if credible you will be asked to leave the property.   Authorities will be engaged for assistance if required.

(A2) Oakdale Campground does not permit or promote the display of symbols or signs related to bigotry, hatred, and racism.  This includes confederate flags.

(B1) Campsite Availability

  1. You can inquire about campsite availability through our website or by calling our office at (937)407-0031 Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm Eastern Time.
  2. Campsites are available on a first-come, first-served basis. For first- come, first-served seasonal sites, at least one person 18 years of age or older must provide a signed   seasonal contract with proof of identity, insurance, and full payment.
  3. Seasonal contracts are paid/charged in full at time you provide your signed contract for a seasonal camp site.
  4. First-come, first-served campsites will be assigned upon registration at the campground office. If there is a specific campsite you would like, please inquire about availability. Management will do their best to accommodate.
  5. Camping is limited to the seasonal dates which are April 1st through October 31st, regardless of the day of the week either date falls on.
  6. Seasonal camper applications must be completed by the date specified in the application. You can go online at Seasonal Application to obtain a copy of the seasonal campsite contact.

Campers must personally complete the seasonal camping contract and may not do so for other persons. Seasonal contracts can only be completed by persons eighteen (18) years of age or older, who shall be responsible for the conduct of all persons using the assigned campsite.

All campers and vehicles including golf carts must have motor vehicle insurance.

For those people with more than two (2) vehicles, up to three (3) vehicle license numbers may be listed with each reservation.  Vehicles must be confined to the campsite for which they are registered. No more than 2 vehicles including boats and boat trailers are allowed on a single camp site.  Parking on vacant campsites is prohibited.  Additional parking is available in the overflow lots.  Golf carts are exempt from this requirement.

A “Seasonal” camper is one who maintains a seven (7) month contract.

A seven (7) month seasonal contract begins at 8am on April 1st and will end at 8pm on October 31st.

Returning Seasonal campers can maintain the same site year after year by paying for their site in full before or on 1st day of the camping season. This date is listed in the seasonal camper contract and can also be obtained by calling the park office.  Notices are sent out to seasonal campers after the first of the year, which further explains the payment options available.

A “Transient” camper” is one who pays for a camping site daily and brings their camping equipment with them each time. Transient campers are permitted to camp on any unoccupied site of their choice, unless designated as a park-use campsite, based upon availability. Passport America card holders are eligible for a discount on the daily camping rate.  Verification of eligibility required upon check in.

(B5) Seasonal Camper Limit
In order to maintain a balance in Seasonal and Transient campers, a limit is sometimes imposed on the number of Seasonal campers that are accepted each year.

(B6) Sub-letting Prohibited
Sub-letting of your camping unit/campsite is not permitted. The permit holder may not rent to a third party a camping unit or campsite associated with the current camping permit.

Winter Storage Program:
Details about 2022 -2023 years winter storage will be updated soon.

Only one (1) camping unit with wheels is permitted on a campsite. A camping unit is any motor vehicle, watercraft, or other camping equipment to be used for sleeping and/or for the purpose of occupying a portion of property for transient and/or temporary outdoor living.  Pick-up campers, vans, and camper trailers are regarded as wheeled camping units. One (1) tent may be erected in addition to a wheeled camping unit or a maximum of two (2) tents per campsite.

There is a maximum of ten (10) people permitted for lodging at one campsite unless an exception is authorized by management.  Gatherings of people for activities is not prohibited and encouraged with the understanding that all must follow the campground rules and be respectful of their fellow campers.

Quiet hours are from 11:00 P.M. until 8:00 A.M. Please be considerate of others. No loud radios, TV’s, music, singing or voices between these times will be permitted.  Loud and/or abusive behavior will not be tolerated.

Minors are required to be at a campsite between dusk and 8am and not in the public areas of the campground unless they with an adult or participating in a organized campground activity, ie.  movie night, bingo, etc.

During daytime hours music, or other media played through electronic devices must be maintained at a volume that is only heard from within the boundaries of your registered campsite.

(G) Rules for River Access and Water Activities
The two boat ramps and shoreline access at Oakdale Campground are for Oakdale Campground registered guests and their visitors only.
Oakdale Campground does not employ a lifeguard or water safety personnel.   You are expected to enjoy water activities that do not extend beyond your personal abilities.

Oakdale Campground registered guests, their visitors, and staff are solely responsible for their actions while participating in water activities.  This includes the operation of all motorized and manual watercraft, flotation devices, swimming, fishing, and diving.   Oakdale Campground will not be held responsible for any damage to personal property while enjoying water activities.   Oakdale Campground will not be held responsible for any bodily injury including death for any guest, visitor, or staff member who is participating in water activities.

Access to the river is strictly prohibited during inclement weather conditions including heavy rainfall, lightning, wind, and conditions which cause fast water currents and/or flooding activity.

Access to the river is strictly prohibited between the hours of sunset and sunrise.   This does not include personal watercraft with valid registration and approved marking lights and flood light for navigation.

Decks, steps, landings, and shoreline access steps are allowed if certain requirements and limitations are met and maintained, and permission is obtained from the park office.  Any decks or landings remaining on the campsite, or shoreline steps remaining on the shoreline after the expiration of the camping permit, will be removed from the campsite and impounded.

The construction of docks and dock access structures is permitted in designated areas of the shoreline. Campers wishing to place a dock or any access structure on the shoreline must first obtain a permit from the park office.  All docks must be constructed to meet established minimum standards. No metal drums shall be used for flotation purposes of any dock, watercraft or any floating device.

Docks must be identified with the owner’s campsite number. Identification must be posted in a manner easily visible from the lake and from shore.  If an occupied campsite must be crossed to access the shoreline, foot traffic should be limited to the outer boundary of the occupied site.

All docks, ramps, steps, or any access structure will be the personal responsibility of the owner.

Campers wishing to tie up watercraft overnight on the shoreline without a dock structure may do so only in designated areas

Campfires are permitted on campsites and should only be ignited and maintained in an appropriate container. Charcoal fires are permitted only if confined to an appropriate container.

No fire should be left unattended. All fires must be extinguished before leaving the area. No treated lumber, OSB, plywood, or other materials that may emit hazardous fumes should be burned at campsites. Wood should be free of hardware i.e., nails, screws, staples, etc.

Fallen limbs or branches may also be gathered from the ground for use as firewood. Cutting of standing trees or green limbs is strictly prohibited. The use of chainsaws is prohibited without written permission of the Park Manager

The trimming or cutting of trees is strictly prohibited. In the event you feel that a particular tree or limb is a hazard, you may contact the Park Manager to request an evaluation of the situation.  If the Park Manager deems necessary, removal or trimming will be handled as soon as practical.

There are two dump stations in the campgrounds for emptying the gray water or black water tanks.  All black water tanks must be emptied at the trailer dumping stations, or by the trailer pumping service

Only one (1) grounded connection between the camping unit and the electrical post is permitted. All electrical fixtures and appliances must be connected to the camping unit. Multiple taps on the post and/or connecting to more than one (1) electric service is not permitted

The manner in which recreational vehicles are located on a campsite is governed by the Ohio Administrative Code and enforced by the Ohio Department of Health. In addition to the Department of Health Regulations, the campground also enforces specific rules and guidelines on the location of camping units on the campsite.

When placing your camping unit on the campsite, the following provisions shall be followed:

  1. When recreational vehicles are located on campsites that are “back-to-back” then they are required to maintain only 10 feet distance from the rear of each camping unit.
  2. When recreational vehicles are located on campsites that are “back to side” then they are required to maintain 15 feet distance from the rear of one camping unit to the side of the other.
  3. You may place a recreational vehicle and tents on the same campsite if you maintain 5 feet distance between the recreational vehicle and the tent; and the camping units are 15 feet from the next campsite line.
  4. When placing your unit on the campsite, you must do so without crossing another campsite and it must be positioned within the confines of your lot.
  5. The camping unit must be located on the campsite in such a manner that the tongue of the unit is accessible and can be pulled out without crossing or accessing an adjacent campsite or non-designated public area. Tongue and or hitch-pin must be attached and installed. Camping units may be positioned parallel to the roadway on campsites large enough to accommodate, if they are in compliance with the specifications (1-5) above.


  1. Camping units must be positioned and in a condition so that it can be moved within 48 hours.
  2. Extended stay LP tanks are not permitted unless approved by management.
  3. Any item(s) stored under the recreational vehicle that cause the Campsite to look messy or cluttered are not permitted. If the following items cause the Campsite to look messy or cluttered it is not permitted: Campsite or lawn ornaments, figures, hanging signs, flags or pennants, grass mats/rugs, enclosed steps, refrigerators/freezers, or household furniture.
  4. Confederate flags are strictly prohibited with no option for exception at any time.
  5. Plastic tarps are only permitted to cover firewood and golf carts when necessary.
  6. No off-RV satellite dishes, CB, shortwave radios, or other antennas without management’s prior written approval. Only those built in and made for camping are permitted without management approval.
  7. No gardens are allowed unless they are in containers that can be removed at the end of the Camping Season or when the Campsite is vacated.
  8. No selling of any items in the manner of a garage sale is permitted, with the exception of a community organized event.

Campsites and camping units must be regularly maintained to present a clean and pleasing appearance.  Inoperable watercraft, unlicensed or inoperable motor vehicles or other items, which may be deemed a nuisance by the Park Manager, are not permitted. Any personal property deemed a nuisance may be removed from the campsite, impounded.

Failure to maintain the campsite in proper appearance may result in park staff performing said duties and assessing the permit holder for the actual cost of performance of said duties at a minimum of $20 per hour.

Seasonal campers are responsible for mowing and trimming of grass on the campsite. Grass/weeds shall not exceed 6″.  Oakdale Campground staff will mow a seasonal campsite under special circumstances. (i.e., health, special needs situations.) Please see park management for arrangements.

A lot that is not maintained will be mowed/trimmed by park staff and a minimum of $20 per hour fee will be assessed to the camper.

Campers wishing to fill the potable water holding tank(s) in their camping unit from the park water system may do so provided they make no changes or alterations to the park plumbing fixtures

Bicycling is permitted throughout the park, but close attention must be paid to all other vehicle traffic. Parents are urged to teach their children safe bicycle operating practices, as well as to monitor their children’s bicycling, skateboarding and rollerblading activities.

Bicycling is not permitted after dusk without attached lights.

Mopeds are also permitted in the park, provided that the moped is operation all applicable safety laws.

Bicycle riders, as well as moped operators, must operate in a safe manner at all times in accordance with ORC 4511.521

Snowmobiles, all-purpose vehicles and dirt bikes may not be operated on property.

Wheelchairs and motorized wheelchairs are permitted anywhere in the park where foot traffic is permitted. “Motorized wheelchair” means any self-propelled vehicle designed for, and used by, a handicapped person and that is incapable of a speed in excess of eight (8) miles per hour.

The use of golf carts on campground roadways and other approved areas within its landholdings is permitted, in compliance with the direction of the Ohio Department of Public Safety Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV), the Ohio Revised Code (ORC), the Ohio Administrative Code (OAC), and campground rules. For this policy, campground public roadways include roads designated for public use in the campground. For this policy, campground public roadways do not include dedicated Township, County, State, or Federal roadways and/or highways, because use of golf carts on these roads is under the jurisdiction of the Township, County, State, or Federal governments.

Golf carts are to be parked on a campsite or other approved parking area. Any golf cart left on the campground property after the expiration of a seasonal camping agreement or storage permit may be removed, impounded.

(P5) Public Roadways
The operation of golf carts on public roadways within the campground is a privilege and not a right. Oakdale Campground reserves the right to change the requirements for, or the regulation of such operation, including this policy at any time.  In order for someone to operate a golf cart on an MWCD public roadway, the following requirements must be met:

The cart must have:

  1. Rear taillight
  2. Two or more stop lights
  3. Two headlights

The applicant obtains insurance for the cart.   You must have proof of insurance.

A valid driver’s license is required for any operation of a motor vehicle on any public or private property used by the public.

Golf carts will be required to be labeled with a letter and one or two numbers on 1 side identifying the Campsite number that they are registered to.

The cart may then be operated on Oakdale Campground public roadways in accordance with Ohio Revised Code (ORC) Chapter 4511, Oakdale Campground rules, and with the equipment required by ORC Chapter 4513.

Motor vehicles shall not be operated at speeds greater than the posted speeds in camp areas.   Within Oakdale Campground camping areas the posted speed limit is 5mph.  Outside the Oakdale Campground camping areas the posted speed limit is 10mph

Oakdale Campground does not permit breeds of dogs defined by Ohio as a vicious, current law that defines a vicious dog as one that has seriously hurt or killed a person, killed another dog.   This includes Pit-Bull, Pit-Bull Mix, Rottweiler

Pets are permitted and shall be confined to the camping unit or kept on a leash attached to the camping unit or held in hand. Pets should never be tied to a tree. Owners are responsible for the actions of their pet(s). Owners must clean up after their animal(s), at least daily.

Pets must be registered on the camping permit as to name, breed, and date of last rabies vaccination along with any additional information required by the local County Health Department.

(Q3) No pet shall be allowed to cause any nuisance.
Due to insurance and legal reasons Oakdale Campground will not permit the following breeds of dogs and breed mix of these dogs.

  • American Pit Bull Terrier
  • American Staffordshire Terrier
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  • American Bully
  • Rottweilers
  • Mastiffs
  • Dogos
  • Dobermann
  • Wolf Breed

A duly authorized agent may direct that any animal(s) be removed from the property if said animal(s) is menacing, disturbing the peace, or creating a nuisance.  Said agent may arrange for the removal of said animal(s) by the proper authorities.

Trailer tank pumping may be purchased on a weekly basis.  Check with the park office to determine the pumping schedule and cost.

Campers shall use the sanitary facilities provided for public use and shall not cause any nuisance or unsanitary act on Oakdale Campground property.

Trailers or other camp shelters having plumbing fixtures will not be permitted in any camping area unless drain lines are sealed so that no waste can be discharged in the camping area.

The use of unsealed containers for the collection of wastewater or sewage is prohibited. Wastewater (dish water or wash water) may be disposed of in drains that are identified by signs for that use.

Raw sewage or any liquid containing septic material may only be disposed of at trailer dumping stations.  Please note that water fixtures located at dumping stations are designed for flushing holding tanks, drain lines, etc.  These fixtures should never be used to fill potable water holding tanks.

Drains with signs indicated “fresh water only” are not designed to receive wastewater or sewage and should never be used for that purpose.

A trailer relocation service is available through the park for those individuals’ requiring assistance in the transfer of their camping unit to another location within the park. This service may be limited due to the availability of equipment at each park location. A fee of $60 + tax will be assessed for this service. Arrangements should be made with park staff at least 24 hours prior to the relocation date to schedule the transfer.

Oakdale Campground reserves the right to refuse to move any camper due to safety concerns or potential for damage. i.e.: slide-outs, hard awnings

Park staff are trained to handle the receipt of emergency phone messages, as well as the follow-up on the delivery of the message to the park guest. Messages that are expressed as being of emergency nature with the emergency stated will be handled with immediate attention. Any message received that is not a stated emergency is not the responsibility of Oakdale Campground staff and management.

If campers wish to receive mail, they should acquire a post office box in the area. Oakdale Campground will not be responsible for mail that arrives at the park, it will be returned to the sender.

When a situation of an emergency nature occurs, it is important to contact a member of the park staff immediately. Bulletin boards in park areas have the telephone numbers for the park, ambulance service, fire department, and the county sheriff’s department. Remember, when reporting an emergency: state your name, the nature and severity of any injury and location of the emergency.

Consumption of alcohol in the confines of your trailer or on your permitted site is not prohibited.   The excessive use of alcohol considered intoxication is prohibited.  Excessive use of alcohol can lead to disturbances, and disobedience which is not permitted.   Operation of a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol is against the law and will be enforced to the full extent of the law.

No person shall possess, use, or consume a drug of abuse, as defined in O.R.C., Section 3719.011, in any area of the campground. No person under the influence of a drug of abuse shall enter or remain on campground property.


No private property shall be stored on Oakdale campground property except with written permission from the management. Any property found stored on property without written permission shall be deemed abandoned and will be handled as Ohio law permits.

Any personal property impounded by the Oakdale Campground shall be held by Oakdale Campground for a period of fourteen (14) days. Said property may be claimed by the owner during this period upon payment of a storage fee set by Oakdale Campground plus the actual cost incurred in the removal of said property, which shall not exceed $1,000. If property is not claimed at the end of fourteen (14) days, said property will be disposed of.  Impound fee will be $10.00 per day.


  1. Placing of signs or advertisements on Oakdale Campground property is prohibited.
  2. Soliciting for donations or peddling items or propaganda is prohibited.

Any Camper desiring to sell their camping unit may (with management’s prior written approval) place a typed or written advertisement together with the Campsite number and a brief description of the camping unit on the Parks public bulletin boards. Advertisements stating the camping unit may be seen at the Park is permitted as long as the Camper has arranged for the visitors arrival and the Camper or someone designated as the Campers representative is on site at the time of showing. In the event the Camper sells their camping unit, the Seasonal Camping Agreement will not be transferable with the sale. The Camper agrees to use the premises solely for camping and will not transfer the Campsite without the consent of the Park.

The recreational and commercial use of UAV’s or drones on campground property is permitted provided the remote pilot in command is following all FAA rules and regulations pertaining to the flight of UAV’s.

We welcome your comments whether it is a suggestion, a compliment, or a complaint.

Complaints – We try to serve all our camping guests to the best of our abilities, but sometimes we fall short of that mark.  Your complaints serve as a reminder to us that we might not consistently be doing our best.

If your complaint is about something minor and can be easily corrected, feel free to contact any member of the staff who can help you. If you feel that you need to talk to someone with more authority, you may want to talk to a park manager.   Our phone number and email are available on this website.


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